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NCCAP Executive Director Annual Report
(May 2003 - April 2004)

NCCAP continues to maintain alliances with other national organizations to include:

· The National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP); NCCAP contributes $500.00 annually toward the Madge Scholarship, NCCAP also donates monies each year to assist NAAP with their national conference held annually in various locations (plan now for the 2005 NAAP Conference to be held in VA). This year, NCCAP sponsored the NAAP State Contact Breakfast. Check out the NAAP web page, its link is on the website home page.

· The Joint Commission - NCCAP Continues to serve on the Network Liaison Committee, giving input into various standards.

· NCCAP was part of the CMS Hydration/Nutrition Campaign, also giving input into the importance of activities in implementation of the Fact Pact, and other various programs to promote proper hydration. As a result, NCCAP continues to be included in the various communications from all the different entities, i.e. ADA, AHCA, or AAHSA.

· NCCAP is part of the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Special Study, being conducted by Quality Partners, through the support of CMS, and being assisted by other various organizations that support quality of life for the residents.

· NCCAP gave input to CMS for the proposed changes to F248 and F249.

· NCCAP is a member of the National Citizen's Coalition of Nursing Home Reform (NCCNHR), maintaining communication and assistance in disseminating important information to activity professionals.

· NCCAP has frequent communications with the various State Licensing bodies with regard to the qualification requirements for activity professionals as well as the acceptance of the MEPAP courses.

NCCAP recently mailed letters to administrators of the "facility addresses" of individuals that grandfathered into certification, during the first few years of inception. This letter was to share with administration the importance of activity professionals maintaining their certification, or becoming certified. This letter has indeed generated communication between the administrators and the activity directors. Any individual that lets their certification lapse one year past their reinstatement, would have to reapply following the current NCCAP standards. NCCAP encourages individuals to maintain their certification by renewing accurately and timely every two years to avoid unnecessary delays.

NCCAP also recently mailed letters to the administrators of the facilities that had an activity professional that had NOT yet renewed their certification, but were presently in their reinstatement year. This letter too, accomplished the intent of generating better communication between activities and administration. As a few members have contacted the NCCAP office expressing appreciation for the support, as their administrators have now encouraged their attendance at workshops etc. to maintain their credential versus possibly having to start over, or not be in compliance with the various state (or federal) requirements for activity professional qualifications.

NCCAP is currently finalizing site locations for the orientation to the MEPAP 2nd Edition. Mailings have been sent to ALL pre approved instructors, NCCAP state representatives, and various state education committee members, requesting assistance in finding the most cost effective, beneficial site for all current instructors, and all potential future instructors of the courses, to have their training. A special thank you to those individuals that are helping to secure a site. Be watching the NCCAP website announcement page for the details of the upcoming training(s), and other current announcements/news.

Hardly a day goes by, that someone doesn't call requesting an "exception", "extension", etc., as a result of non-compliance of the established NCCAP Standards. Our legal responsibility to you the certified member is to maintain consistent, adherence to the standards. The very credibility of the profession lies on this fact. While this does not always make NCCAP popular, it does lend to the federal recognition and respect for YOU the certified member. Ensuring to ALL the administrators, owners, management companies etc., that if you are a current certified individual, that you have met an established national standard, much like other members of the inter-disciplinary team(s) i.e. SW's or RN's.

Lastly, NCCAP is fortunate to have dedicated, committed staff. Betty, Audrey, Rachel, and (Kelly) work endlessly to process the day-to-day happenings at the office in Virginia Beach. In addition to the business and financial management of NCCAP, the focus of the Executive Director is to maintain certified members, and to market/impress upon administrators, state licensing agencies etc. the importance of national certification for activity professionals. This challenge continues to be met head on, on behalf of YOU the activity professionals, and for the quality of life for the residents that are served by the certified members. NN


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