Activity Professional Certification

NCCAP standards are based on over three decades of experience educating, training and certifying over 150,000 individuals. Our standards are designed to ensure we meet Federal and State requirements applicable to the Activity Profession. Based on the social model of care, our certifications focus on activities and engagement that ensures the highest quality of life to older adults. NCCAP offers three core Activity Professional Certifications. Individuals with an NCCAP certification can also add a Specialization in a number of areas.


Activity Assistant Certified Provisional (AACP) is for those working towards requirements to meet NCCAP standards for AAC certification.  Certification is for 4 years, and nonrenewable.  To maintain provisional certification it must be renewed every 2 years during the 4 year period with 20 CEs. By the end of the 4 year period all components must be met:

  • Activity Experience: 50 volunteer hours (can be the practicum or other volunteer hours within the past 2 years)
  • Continuing Education: 20 clock hours (honors classes and advanced placement (AP) classes may be accepted)
  • Required Curriculum: MEPAP Part 1 Core Content 1-11


Activity Director Certified Provisional (ADCP) is for those working towards requirements to meet NCCAP standards for ADC certification.  ADCP must meet 3 of the 5 standards in Tracks 1, 2, 3 or 4.  Certification is provisional for 6 years and nonrenewable.  To maintain provisional certification it must be renewed every 2 years during the 6 years with 30 CEs.  By the end of the 6-year period all 5 components must have been met.  This level can only be applied for 1 time.  The National Exam may be taken upon completion of MEPAP Core Content 1-20.


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Required Renewals

1. Renewal is required every two years. Late renewals do NOT change the two-year period. To renew you need to acquire continuing education during the two years after initial certification • AAC or AACP  - 20 CEs • ADC or ADCP - 30 CEs • ACC - 40 hours CEs • ADS- 20 hours CEs • Specializations require an additional - 10 CEs in that specialization

2. To renew, you need to acquire continuing education during the one year after initial certification and thereafter. Renewal for this certification is required every one year.  Late renewals do NOT change the one-year period • HCC or HCCP - 10 hours CEs annually • Montessori Dementia Engagement Certification - 20 CEs annually

3. Applicable continuing education (see Definitions of NCCAP standards section) CEs must be listed on the renewal form to be accepted.  After initial certification, annual renewal is required thereafter with 10 CE’s per year

4. For all levels of certification please refer to pricing schedule posted on website

5. The completed renewal form, necessary documents and appropriate fee(s) must be postmarked or submitted on-line through prior to the expiration date on the Renewal Form or fast track fee will be due.  Renewals received without appropriate form and/or amount of payment are considered late and incomplete. (renewal fee for your level + fast track fee = amount due)  www.

6. The month of recertification remains the same as the initial certification. The year increases by 2, therefore the date of the renewal payment does not change the renewal date

7. Renewal email reminders are sent 90 days prior to expiration and then monthly thereafter to allow proper completion: submit to NCCAP 6-8 weeks prior to your expiration date to allow for processing time. Certification status can only be given after review and approval are complete

8.  Online renwals are assessable 9. After one year from expiration of certification, you must re-apply, pay necessary reinstatement fees and meet the current certification standards in effect at that time

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Level Change

Activity Professionals seeking a level change need to complete a new application. The application will be merged with the current apllication on file for review. It is not necessary to duplicate information already on file with the first application. Applicants only need to add the additional information obtained. Level change fee. (see website for fee schedule) . Expiration date will remain the same.

NOTE : If you are level changing at the time you are renewing you MUST complete BOTH the renewal application as well as the level change application  and pay the associated fees . 


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