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February 11, 2014

Had a few requests from state associations to post things as follows:

WI -
The Wisconsin Representatives of Activity Professionals (WRAP)"offers scholarships for formal classes including NCCAP, MEPAP for activity professionals or formal education related to health care". WRAP has awarded over 12,000 in scholarships since 1994. You MUST be a WRAP member or receive a recommendation from a current WRAP member.

Application deadlines June 1st and November 1st of each year. amount to be determined, by the scholarship committee. For all the details visit their website at or contact Kris Metcaf at

Kansas Activity Directors Association

The Kansas Activity Directors Association (KADA) is now accepting applications for speakers for our 2014 conference. Our dates for the conference are Sept. 14-16 2014. Conference will be held at the Wichita Marriott in Wichita, Kansas (Airport code ICT).

Submissions must be received by March 1, 2014. Please send them to Laurie Kloepper at 1002 Howard St., Effingham, KS 66023 or you can fax them to 913-360-6275. Speakers chosen will be notified in the month of March.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. I can be reached by phone at 913-360-6247 or

PLAN NOW to attend the 2014 NCCAP Symposium - June 2014 - SAVE the Dates

April 2, 2014

NCCAP 2014 Educational Symposium –

Thursday June 5 - Saturday June 7, 2014

Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites Minneapolis/StPaul
3 Appletree Square
Bloomington, MN 55425

Near MALL of AMERICA - so PLAN now to attend and BRING the family along -

21 CE's, 5 meals, and the networking, and resources of your peers, nationally recognized speakers and vendors

Prices will remain the same as 2013 rate(s)

**The brochure is online...see the 2014 symposium link

MEPAP Instructors willing to donate a FREE class


IF you are out there and you are needing to take a MEPAP course to pursue becoming nationally credentialed with NCCAP, yet you are having difficulty paying for the course, see the below list of pre-approved MEPAP instructors that are willing to donate a course...

Dawn Appler-Worsley - MD
John Collins - FL
Natalie Davis -TX
Cindy Bradshaw - VA (given 8/2013)
Joan Marie Granato - NJ
Bonnie Green - ME
Sandy Hennum - MN
Debbie Hommel - NJ (given 7/2013)
April Keehan - VA
Jennifer Krupa - OH
Roz O'Neil - AZ
Nancy Richards - PA
Debra Stewart - OH
Alisa Tagg - NV (given 10/2013)
Donna Tennant - WV
Theresa Thorland - IA (given 8/2013)
Arlene Tierney-Pierce - NV

**Any other instructors willing to donate a class - please write Cindy and let her know, thanks

***Those requesting the free course(s), please contact the instructors directly, see the mepap instructor listing on the site for their email addresses.

Certification renewals


Certification Renewals –
REMINDER to all those that are renewing their certifications this year..
• Continuing education hours MUST be between the last renewal and the current renewal (that 2 year time frame)
• 20% can be Facility Inservices – such as fire safety, infection control etc
• 20% can be Health related – such as CPR, CNA, CDL, nursing classes etc
• 30% can be from the webinar type offerings that your facility is contracted with such as Care2Learn, Silver Chair and Upstairs Solutions
• Your renewals are mailed to you 90 days BEFORE your expiration – they MUST be postmarked by the 1st to avoid the additional late fee. (NOT receiving your renewal in the mail, MAY be because you moved and didn’t share your current address with your credentialing body, OR may mean it was simply lost in the mail – in any event there are renewal forms ONLINE for you to download, or you may contact the NCCAP office for a new form, either way your expiration date doesn’t change, therefore renewing ON TIME is YOUR responsibility.
• IF renewing your specializations – remember to include the additional CE’s and fees

Call to Action 2012


NCCAP had their 2nd Call to Action to address the following:
Topics for Collaboration in 2012
* *Vision statement input
* Having now marketed for the past 2 years, where do we go from here, what impact if
any has it made, most efficient manner
* Where do we want to see the regulations, and what approach should we use
(All with the research project in mind)
* Professional development – technology and the profession

Committees Chairs (2010 tasks -completed)
Nancy Richards, ACC (Chair) - Professional Committee,
Task 1 - Develop an Elevator Speech - flyer to distribute
Bonnie Ruggles Ruechel, ACC (Chair)Regulatory Issues,
Task 1 -Research the state regulations and their variety of Activities related regulations
Cindy Bradshaw MS, ACC - Marketing,
Task 1 - Develop educational materials for the administrators (dvd) for health departments
Task 2 - Disseminate the information across the country
Becki Sims, ADC – Universal Worker Chair – accessing how this may be impacting the profession

EMAIL addresses are NEEDED....


Attention NCCAP certified individuals....

NCCAP NEEDS your current email address. IF what we have on file has changed, or if we do NOT currently have an email address listed for you PLEASE contact the NCCAP office and make sure we have it on file.

NCCAP sends a monthly newsbits with information of upcoming events, a quarterly newsletter and other NCCAP happenings, as well as we are now going to an electronic ballot for the 2014 Board of Directors election

Contact Lisa at, with your email address

Caution.."easier" isn't necessarily better for your profession


I cannot impress upon you enough the importance of credibility and Integrity / ethical practice

While some have taken or been encouraged to "take the easy way" out and get "certified " through other organizations which do not require much, at best a high school diploma and charge over $200.00 to take a non proctored "exam",,,, it once again has resulted in a deficiency in qualifications as this person was not yet prepared to lead activities ...she will be as NCCAP is working with her to bring her into compliance , but there are reasons for the professional standards set way back when by Dr Peckham and the original board

These individuals knew that the combination of education, experience , continued education and the mepap although not the easiest perhaps , would be the best for our seniors and our profession to be taken seriously and for the certified members themselves

I encourage all to be careful and take the extra steps to do it right the first time you deserve it and your facility does too

Take pride get NCCAP certified!!!!

'And a special thanks to the federal surveyors who referred the facilities to NCCAP to get their people qualified

NCCAP National Exam


A proposal was given to NCCAP and reviewed by both the NCCAP Board and the NCCAP Education Committee with regard to allowing an individual who has completed the MEPAP Course (all 180 hours of course work and all 180 hours of the practical) to take the National Exam, rather than having to wait until they are ready to apply for the ADC level of certification.

This proposal was accepted and the new process has been implemented.

ANY and ALL individuls that have completed the MEPAP course (in its entirity, NO EXCEPTIONS) and are CURRENTLY certified at the ADPC level, may submit a written request to sit for the NCCAP national exam.

***Any individuals that are ready to apply at the ADC level, the process will remain the same - you apply, once reviewed and found to be completed you are given permission to set for the exam.

NCCAP introduces Home Care Certification (HCC)


Effective January 1, 2014 – NCCAP plans to offer an HCC level of certification

Understanding the Home Care (Activity) Certification (HCC)

The Home Care industry is booming, and will only continue to grow in the near future.

Home is where the care is for a growing number of people in the United States. Industry growth has been fostered by an aging population, the prevalence of chronic disease, strengthening physician acceptance of home care and a continued movement toward cost-efficient treatment options from public and private payers.

Right now there is no national criterion for the qualifications of the individuals working in this profession. It can vary from agency to agency, with most holding at best a high school diploma or GED.

Home Health worker ( PC training) criteria varies from state to state as its built on a medical model of care to the client. The Home Care agencies, send their workers into the homes based on a social model of care. The need for a minimum criteria and training in this area is so imperative for the clients meaningful quality of life. Assessing the clients customary routine, learning about physical and psychosocial needs, assessing their functional and cognitive abilities and then being able to implement an individualized leisure program accordingly, as well as the ability to follow that client from the home care to their family care, or ADS etc will ensure more meaningful experiences.

The HCC criteria will require (as with all other levels of certification) the "hands on" experience working with a credible home care agency, the continuing education for continued learning, the core knowledge/training for this level of certification, and the high school diploma/GED. This is an entry level of certification that we hope will also encourage those individuals to pursue becoming certified activity assistants/directors in the future, after they get their foot in the door in the health care industry.

Requirements for HCC
1.High School diploma/GED
2.Completion of the Activities 101 (8) hour training course
3.Six (6) months {1000 hours} of Home Care experience
4.20 hours of continuing education

Process –
Applicants will complete the HCC application form (in addition to the NCCAP application), sending the verification of the HS/GED, the Home Care experience, CE’s (per the NCCAP Standards) and certificate of completion of the Activities 101 (8) hour course.
(That will be offered throughout the country from NCCAP pre-approved MEPAP instructors who also obtain their Activities 101 PRE-approval #).

***The Activities 101 training hours can also be applied toward a specialization

NCCAP weekly chats are back


NCCAP is happy to announce the return of the weekly on line chats. These chats are offered every Wednesday at 8 PM (EST). The chats are led by NCCAP certified volunteers who select their topic for discussion. The volunteer moderators have submitted learning objectives for their session and track attendance which is sent to the NCCAP office. To obtain one hour continuing education credit, applicable toward NCCAP certification, participants must log in and participate in the chat for the hour, complete the Chat form and submit to the NCCAP office with $10. You will receive a certificate for your participation a few weeks later. Watch the NCCAP Facebook page for up to date information on the chats. If you would like to apply to be a chat leader, please contact Linda Redhead at

Here is the Chat schedule for the next few weeks:

****ALL chats start at 8:00 pm EST

4/2 Susan Orce-‘Social Isolation: Who’s at Risk & how do we Respond?
4/16 Susan Orce-‘Teamwork’
4/23-Michelle Olson-'Dealing with the Growing Psychiatric Population in Long Term Care'
4/30 Murvell Delpino-'Art for Residents with Dementia and ways to engage!'
5/7 Murvell Delpino-'The Future of the Activity Professional-Getting to the next Level because you are worth it!'
5/14 National Nursing Home Week-no chat
Summer Break!

**The CE Chat form can be found under the downloadable section of the site

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