NCCAP Scholarships

The National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) is in the business of “helping people help people”. NCCAP has several scholarships available for those seeking NCCAP certification or renewing their NCCAP certification. Our scholarships are awarded throughout the year. Applicants may apply for a scholarship once a year for MEPAP courses, Continuing Education courses or College Courses. We remain committed by assisting with a variety of scholarship opportunities.

The following scholarships are available:

  • The Barbara Fleischmann Award of Excellence Scholarship
  • Madge Schweinsberg Scholarship
  • Beverly Morris Scholarship
  • NCCAP MEPAP Course Scholarship

**Sponsored by the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals .

NCCAP encourages you to submit your request via the electronic form below.  If you have issues please download the Scholarship Application here.

Scholarships Descriptions

Barbara Fleischmann Award of Excellence Scholarship
The E&E Davis Foundation donates to NCCAP each year to recognize excellence in the field of activities in honor of their daughter, fellow Activity Professional Barbara Fleischmann, ACC/NHA, and MEPAP Instructor.
Madge Schweinsberg Scholarship
A former teacher and interior decorator, Madge was offered the position of Activity Director by her brother, a Nursing Home Administrator. With a strong background in art and teaching she was an outstanding Activity Director for almost 20 years. Recognizing the need for Activity Directors to have more education and information as a profession, she helped organize the Activity Therapists Association which led to the Illinois Activity Professionals Association, and eventually the National Association of Activity Professionals. Instrumental in establishing NCCAP, she served as the first reviewer for professional certification. Her influence is still felt and appreciated more than 30 years later. Two $245 scholarships are available to attend the NCCAP Symposium.
Beverly Morris Scholarship
This scholarship is designed in honor of the first certified Activity Professional (ADC) in New York State in 1986. This scholarship provides monetary assistance toward registration to attend a conference/convention, seminar/workshop or a course that is related to the activity profession.
MEPAP Course Scholarships
Scholarships are available for students who need assistance with payment of a MEPAP course. There are instructors who graciously donate a class or reduce their fee. Contact your instructor directly to inquire.

Scholarship application must be submitted at least sixty (60) days prior to the educational program.