Specific Settings Certifications

Home Care Certification - This course establishes a baseline knowledge for caregivers.  These skills offer the opportunity to improve the daily quality of life of a client or loved one while potentially decreasing the incidents for accidents and dangerous situations that could require they be relocated from home to long-term care.  By properly engaging an individual in discussions and activities, the caregiver can prevent boredom, depression and disengagement. Requires completion of Activities 101 Course.


Coming Soon: Revised Adult Day Service Certification - Requires MEPAP Part 1 Core Content 1-11


Home Care Certification Renewal


  • HCC renewal is required every year
  • For HCCP, you must complete the 10 CE clock hours required for initial certification plus an additional 10 CE clock hours required for renewal (20 CE clock hours total) by the end of the 1st year of certification
  • It is the responsibility of the individual to know when certification must be renewed
  • Renewals received without appropriate form and/or payment are considered incomplete  
Renewal CE Requirements
  • 10 clock hours within the past 1 year covering relevant topics in the NCCAP Body of Knowledge
Renewal Documentation Required
  • Renewal form
  • Proof of CE clock hours (for example, official course and in-service certificates of attendance)
  • Submit documents and renewal fee of $30 prior to expiration date to avoid late fee


Home Care Certified Provisional

Home Care Certified Provisional (HCCP) is provisional for 1 year and non-renewable.  HCCP must meet 2 of the 4 requirements. By the end of the 1-year period all 4 components of HCC must be met. This level can only be applied for 1 time.