Approved CE Provider Status and Course Approval


NCCAP offers an added value service to help facilitate and promote educational courses intended to meet CE requirements for NCCAP Certifications and Specializations.

Individuals offering educational courses that receive a NCCAP CE Approval Number can benefit as an “Approved CE Provider.”

Organizations that wish to be listed as an "Approved CE Provider" must have each Instructor registered as an "Approved CE Provider" with NCCAP. This includes each Instructor that will be delivering a course, speaking at the event or who has created the program to be delivered. 

For a fee of $50.00 per year, Approved CE Providers receive the following benefits:

  1. ONE-TIME CREDENTIALS. Submit your Instructor credentials, education level verification and curriculum vitae once so you only have to submit required course materials and documents in the future.
  2.  CALENDAR. Your course is posted in the NCCAP online calendar with a link to your website, event or course information.
  3.  ONLINE PROFILE. You and your course are included in the online list of all NCCAP Approved CE Providers with a link to your website, event or course information.
  4.  EMBLEM. Approved CE Providers can use the NCCAP “Approved CE Provider” emblem to promote their course.

To become an Approved CE Provider, go online to NCCAP.ORG to create a secure online account and upload the required documents or use the downloadable form. NCCAP periodically audits these documents to ensure accuracy and quality.

Check the “I wish to become an Approved CE Provider” line when submitting your next course for approval or renewal and include the $50.00 per year fee. NCCAP will send you the Approved CE Provider emblem along with your NCCAP CE Approval Number to use in marketing and promoting your course. Contact us with any question: [email protected].

Continuing Education (CE) Course Approval Number 

All qualified educators, organizations and institutions can submit educational courses for review and approval to receive a NCCAP CE Approval Number. The CE Approval Number is good for one year from the date of issuance. All educational courses must relate to specific topics in the NCCAP Body of Knowledge. The fees for educational course review and CE Approval Number are:

  1. 1-8 clock hours: $57
  2. Over 8-17 clock hours: $77
  3. Over 17 clock hours: $127
  4. Fast Track fee for approval requests submitted less than 45 days from event date: $55

To become an APPROVED CE PROVIDER or to apply for a COURSE APPROVAL NUMBER, download the following: