Long-Term Care Communities and Day Centers

From meeting federal requirements to staff Continuing Education (CE) needs, the standards, certifications and educational materials provided by NCCAP offer multiple benefits to Long-term Care Facilities

  • Federal Law, OBRA, states that an activity department must be directed by a “qualified professional.” Since 1986, NCCAP has provided a nationally accepted credential to meet this requirement.
  • NCCAP certification is recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an organization that certifies Activity Professionals who work specifically with the elderly.
  • In long-term care communities, NCCAP certification assures administrators and surveyors that you have met professional standards required for certification and can assist in meeting OBRA-specified requirements while also improving quality of life for residents and other staff members.
  • NCCAP Certified Professionals can offer fellow staff members guidance on best practices, communication, engagement and interventions for the aggressive behaviors of those living with dementia. 
  • NCCAP Certification offers individuals the opportunity for increased wages and can be a gateway to professional advancement within your organization. 
  • NCCAP Certification provides peace of mind that you have met rigorous educational standards and can offer a higher quality of life and continuity of care through individualized person-centered engagement programs.