Montessori Dementia Engagement Certification (MDEC)

NCCAP's Montessori Dementia Engagement Certification provides a thorough introduction to using Montessori with elders and people living with dementia. It is open to all healthcare professionals who work in the field of aging, including Activity Professionals, Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Home Care Aides, Rehabilitation Professionals, Social Workers and especially family members. You do not have to be credentialed by NCCAP to apply. The educational content focuses on engaging individuals in person-centered activities that have meaning and purpose for an improved quality of life.  

Montessori Dementia Engagement Certification
Qualifying Components

  1. Academic Education: High School/GED or higher.
  2. Activity Experience: 1,000 hours over 2 years engaging with people living with dementia. (Note: any current NCCAP Certification qualifies for this Activity Experience).
  3. Continuing Education (CE): 5 hours of CE on dementia-related topics from the NCCAP Body of Knowledge.
  4. Required Curriculum: Successful completion of the “From Can’t to Can Do!: Using the Montessori Approach” curriculum and exam offered through Brush Development. 
  5. Renewal: Certification is good for 1 year and must be renewed annually for $30. $10 Late Fee charged for renewal after expiration date. Renewal requires 5 Continuing Education hours on dementia-related topics from the NCCAP Body of Knowledge.