Activity Professionals

Activity Professionals are the foundation of person-centered, person-directed care and quality of life. It's a fact that individualized activities support a person's goals, priorities and preferences and improves their quality of life. 

NCCAP Certification is the only certification that meets Professional Standards of Practice. Certification verifies you possess the professional knowledge and skills to assess, document and care plan. Certification confirms your competency to engage, communicate, interact and motivate. 

Since 1986, NCCAP has been accepted by CMS for meeting the highest standard to run an Activities Department. We have educated, trained and certified over 150,000 care givers. Our Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals (MEPAP) is the Gold Standard for certification. Benefits of NCCAP Certification include:

  • Competent to be part of Interdisciplinary Care Team assessment, documentation and care planning.
  • Highest CMS standard to direct an Activity Department.
  • Assures Administrators and Surveyors you are competent to deliver regulatory required care and services. 
  • The only certification that meets National Standards of Practice.
  • Nationally portable to other states.
  • Required by many nursing home organizations.
  • NCCAP-Certified Activity Professionals stay in their jobs longer because they understand their important role serving others.