The foundation of NCCAP Certification is based on a formal course of study and independent national exam. Since 1986, NCCAP's Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals (MEPAP) has been the national curriculum required for Certification. The evidence-based Learning Objectives and Competencies of the MEPAP provide the knowledge and skills to deliver the highest quality person-centered care across the continuum of care.

NCCAP offers:

  • In-person and virtual certification curriculums through Licensed MEPAP Instructors
  • Practicums overseen by MEPAP Instructors at collaborating long-term care communities 
  • Informational webinars, training, seminars and workshops
  • CE approval for educational providers, courses and events
  • Instructor and other Certification courses during our National and State Annual Conferences 
  • A National Exam administered  remotely by the independent testing company ProctorFree