NCCAP National Exam

You must apply to NCCAP to get your unique code to register online to take the exam at an independent 3rd-Party testing site operated by Comira/PSI. Please note that the testing company Comira/PSI charges a $90 fee to take the NCCAP National Exam at any of their testing sites.  

  • You must complete both MEPAP Part 1 and MEPAP Part 2 and submit your Certificates of Completion for both
  • NCCAP will send you a study guide and information regarding how to register to take the exam (Please do not contact the testing site without the code issued to you by NCCAP)
  • You need to pass the national exam with 70% or higher.
  • NCCAP will receive your grade and notify you of the result.
  • You may take the exam as many times as you want. However, you need to pay the $90 testing fee each time you take the exam.
  • The NCCAP National Exam Study Guide is available for purchase on the NAAP website.