Person-Centered Care Community Certification
  • NCCAP’s Person-Centered Care Community™ certification creates a culture of person-centered care. 
  • Embedded with the person-centered values and principles of Pioneer Network.
  • Includes the dementia care practice recommendations of the Alzheimer’s Association. 
  • Sixteen 15-minute lessons for all staff and volunteers.
  • Provides the skills for the practical application of person-centered care.  
  • All staff and volunteers learn to engage with dementia, trauma, behaviors, diversity, culture, and more.
  • Staff and volunteers learn valuable strategies for self-care.
  • Increase resident, family, staff and volunteer satisfaction.
  • Investing in staff and volunteer education increases retention and reduce turnover.
The Need for Culture Change
The COVID pandemic highlights the value of a culture of person-centered care. Infection control requirements restrict social gatherings and visitation. Residents experience increased isolation, loneliness and depression. Staff and volunteers resign or retire in record numbers, many suffering emotional fatigue. It’s a fact that high quality person-centered, person-directed care is essential for physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.

Person-Centered Care Curriculum

  1. Person-Centered Care Principles
  2. Ageism
  3. Compassionate Questioning
  4. Active Listening
  5. Cultural Competence
  6. Diversity and Inclusion
  7. The Right to Dignity and Choice
  8. Dementia Care
  9. Communication with the Person Living with Dementia
  10. Behavioral Expressions
  11. Trauma-Informed Care
  12. Responding to Trauma
  13. Montessori Principles of Care
  14. Adapting to the Person
  15. Self-Care
  16. Person-Centered Care Review

Person-Centered Care Community™ Certification

  • When a majority of staff complete the curriculum you are certified as a Person-Centered Care Community™.
  • This designation demonstrates your staff have received advanced training that enhances quality of life. 
  • You are listed in NCCAP's National Registry and receive marketing materials to promote your quality.

 Details and Costs

  • Given the reality of high staff turnover delivery is recommended as part of the on-boarding process. 
  • Can be delivered via your Learning Management System (LMS) or your own internal educators.
  • $300 introductory price includes unlimited use plus first year Person-Centered Care Community™ certification.
  • Certification issued based on company letter verifying a majority of staff completed the curriculum.
  • Annual renewal based on verification letter and payment of annual fee.
  • NCCAP maintains and updates the curriculum to reflect professional standards of practice and best practices.

NCCAP’s Person-Centered Care Community Certification.

The best way to create and maintain a culture of person-centered and person-directed care.