You can only renew your certification using the link in the Email Renewal Notification to log-in and renew online.
NCCAP sends the Email Renewal Notification to the email we have on record for you in your online profile.
If you did not receive an Email Renewal Notification, please call the NCCAP Office to verify your correct email.
If you did not yet create an online profile, please call the NCCAP Office and you will be guided to create one. 

Email Renewal Notifications are sent monthly starting 4 months prior to your expiration date.
You can renew at any time during these 4 months, though your renewal date always stays the same.
If you renew after your expiration date you will be charged a $55 Late Fee.  

1. Renewal is required every 2 years. Late renewal or payment does not change this 2 year period. You need to provide a list of qualifying CE courses that you took during the 2 year certification period:

  • APC: 10 CE hours every 2 years
  • ADC or ADCP: 20 CE hours every 2 years
  • ACC: 30 CE hours every 2 years
  • Specialization: Additional 10 CE hours for each Specialization every 2 years

2. Renewal email reminders will be sent 90 days prior to expiration and then monthly thereafter.

3. Renewal information, fee schedule, and required application forms can be found on NCCAP.ORG.

4. Renewals can be submitted online through your online profile at NCCAP.ORG, or print, complete and submit by mail.

5. Submit renewal 6 weeks prior to your expiration date for processing. Renewal fees are due at the time of renewal submission. Renewals received without appropriate forms or payment are considered incomplete.

6. Notices of incomplete applications are sent by email during initial processing and periodically thereafter up to 1 year from the expiration of certification.

7. Processing of renewals can be expedited for an additional Fast Track Fee of $55.

8. Certification status can only be given after review and approval are complete.

9. If your certification has expired for more than 1 year, you will need to submit a new application rather than a renewal application, and comply with all standards in effect.

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