NCCAP has partnered with the Validation Training Institute to create a curriculum based on the pioneering methodology of Naomi Feil known as Validation®. Validation is built upon an empathetic attitude and holistic view of individuals experiencing cognitive decline. 

Validation Memory Care Engagement Certificate is intended for life enrichment and activity professionals across all care settings. Designed as a thorough introduction in caring, interacting, and serving those with dementia, this interactive course is delivered over 11 weeks and includes life or recorded webinars, course work, and practice with certified NCCAP and Validation Instructors.

At the end of this course, you will possess the knowledge and skills to communicate and be genuinely present to older adults experiencing age-related cognitive decline. You will learn practical ways to work that help reduce stress, enhance dignity and increase happiness in yourself and those you serve.​

 Nancy Brown, CVT, MA, ABD
Nancy Brown has worked in dementia care since 2004 at MELABEV Day Centers, based in Jerusalem, Israel. As a group supervisor and Certified Validation Teacher, the continued study and practice of Validation has transformed her work with those affected by dementia. “Validation is our key to communicating with our clients suffering from all levels of memory loss especially when behaviors become challenging, and communication becomes difficult when they can no longer find their words.”  Nancy holds a B.A. and M.A. in Religion and Culture from Pepperdine University, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in dementia studies at the University of Edinburgh. In addition to her work at Melabev, she leads an international support group for those interested in Validation sponsored by VTI, conducts staff and family caregiver workshops, and participates at international conferences on dementia. 

Brenda Deckman, ADC/MC

Brenda Deckman is an Activity Director certified through NCCAP.  She has worked most of her 20+ year career with people living with dementia, and her certification has an emphasis on memory care (ADC/MC).   She was trained in Validation at the George M. Leader Institute and is a Certified Validation Worker.  She is recently retired from her most current position as the Program Services Coordinator at Arden Courts of Wilmington, a 56 bed Assisted Living Memory Care Community in Delaware.  She has delivered short overview lectures on Validation to state activity professional associations, in lectures open to the public, and as part of new employee orientation.  

1. EDUCATION: High School Diploma or GED 
2. REQUIRED CURRICULUM: Memory Care: Validation® 
Validation Certification Price: $200 Registration

 • Application fee for Engagement Certification is included in price of course.  There is no annual renewal.

• Processing certificate can take up to 4-6 weeks from submission.

• Refund for withdrawal from Engagement Course within 3 business days  of enrollment will be charged $30 processing fee. 

There will be no refunds after the 3rd business day.


Classroom opens:  Tuesday, 21 May
Must also attend live webinars from 12pm-1pm EST
Webinar #1:  4 June
Webinar #2:  18 June
Webinar #3:  July 2
Webinar #4:  July 16
Webinar #5:  July 30
Webinar #6:  August 13
Final Due:      August 27


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