Please select from one of the options below:
APC (ACTIVITY PROFESSIONAL CERTIFIED) I have only taken MEPAP Part 1and have minimal or no experience. CLICK HERE
ADC (ACTIVITY DIRECTOR CERTIFIED I have taken both MEPAP Part 1 and MEPAP Part 2, and I have also worked in the continuum of care for 2 years with 1 of the years full time in activities or a life enrichment department. CLICK HERE
ADC EXPERIENTIAL I have not taken the MEPAP course, however I have 5 years in the field of activities and 2 of those years I managed or supervised the program that delivers the Social Model of Care. CLICK CHERE
ADC PROFESSIONAL EQUIVALENCY I have not taken the MEPAP course, however I have a degree such as AT-BT, MT-BC, COTA, CTRS, OTR, CPG or LNHA.  I have also directed, managed or supervised in the continuum of care with at least 1 years full time in an activity or life enrichment program. CLICK HERE
ACC (ACTIVITY CONSULTANT CERTIFIED) I have a Masters, Bachelors or Associates degree, have also taken MEPAP 1 and 2, have between 2000-6000 hours of experience,  and have either 200 consulting hours within the past 3 years or have successfully completed an independent study with a NCCAP instructor. CLICK HERE
  None of these apply to me and I need to start by taking the MEPAP 1 Course.  By selecting this option you will be taken to the MEPAP 1 Course calendar.  There you will see classes that are available and being taught by a Licensed MEPAP Instructor.  These classes are taught via zoom or another virtual platform. CLICK HERE