CERTIFICATION RENEWAL - How to renew your NCCAP Certification.

**NOTICE: FAX FEE SUSPENDED. In order to make it easier to submit renewal documentation during COVID-19 restrictions, NCCAP is suspending the $25 Fax Fee. We encourage anyone who can benefit from using a Fax to do so. Our Fax number is: 757-552-0143**

You can only renew your certification using the link in the Email Renewal Notification to log-in and renew online. NCCAP sends the Email Renewal Notification to the email we have on record for you in your online profile.  **Please note that you are not required to upload CE's for renewal.  Please keep them for validation in case you are audited**

If you did not receive an Email Renewal Notification, please call the NCCAP Office to verify your correct email. If you did not yet create an online profile, please call the NCCAP Office and you will be guided to create one. 

Please note that Email Renewal Notifications are sent monthly starting 4 months prior to your expiration date. You can renew at any time during these 4 months, though your renewal date always stays the same. If you renew after your expiration date you will be charged a $55 LATE FEE.

LATE FEE POLICY. NCCAP charges a Late Fee of $55 for renewal applications that are post-marked or received online after your current certification expiration date. Please note your certification expires on the date it was originally earned and remains constant regardless of when actual renewal occurs. You are required to submit a fully completed renewal application and pay the fee by your expiration date. When applying a Late Fee, NCCAP takes into consideration the multiple attempts we make to notify you via email, phone and mailed notification card, the completeness of your application, the payment of your fee and the communications we receive from you at the time of renewal.

Payment of the renewal application fee does not guarantee that renewal certification will be granted and is used to cover the administrative cost to process, review and evaluate the application.

If you are having problems logging in, please call the NCCAP Office: 757-552-0653