Montessori Home engagement 

NCCAP’s Montessori Home Engagement Course allows you to apply the philosophy of care championed by Dr. Maria Montessori when caring for an older person in the home setting.   

Created in partnership with the National Association of Activity Professionals and the National Intergenerational Montessori Center, this curriculum is embedded with Montessori principles proven effective when caring for older persons.

Individuals taking this course to learn practical techniques to communicate, interact and engage with those aging in place at home. This knowledge allows you to deliver life-enriching activities and higher quality care that can promote emotional well-being and healthy aging.

You will learn to address common challenges associated with providing care in the home including communication, mobility, memory, behaviors, eating, bathing, and taking medication. 

The competencies obtained from this course are designed to improve the health, wellness, and quality of life of both the care provider and care recipient. Individuals completing this course can obtain NCCAP Montessori Home Engagement Certification (MHEC) by completing additional education and work experience requirements.

Applying for Engagement Certification Steps:

Note: Forms and steps must be completed in a continuous sequence. It is necessary to finish all steps to enroll in the desired Engagement Course.

  1. Go to NCCAP Academy by using the blue button below.  Select the desired course from the listing and begin the registration process.
  2. Complete the Initial Engagement Certification Application form and pay the course fee. 
    Fee includes the first year of certification
    *Please have all supporting documents scanned as a PDF file and ready to attach to the online application
  3. Complete Engagement Course Pre-Assessment,
    You will automatically be re-directed to the assessment, please do not close out of the browser. 
    * Log in using your Legal Full Name
  4. Once you are completed with your Pre-Assessment , please read the confirmation passage and continue to your student page. 
    *The confirmation page will be a "pop-up."  
  5. The Pre-Assessment  is non-graded, once the assessment is complete you have successfully enrolled in your desired MHEC course. 
  6. From the day of the Engagement course completion, it can take up to 4 weeks to receive your Engagement Certification.  
    *You will receive a high-quality printable certificate by email.

Qualifying Components

  1. Education: High School, GED or higher.
  2. Continuing Education (CE): For renewal only, 5 clock hours from the Body of Knowledge.
  3. Required Curriculum: Successful completion of the Montessori Home Engagement Course


  1. Click on the blue button labeled "Engagement Renewal" down below.
  2. Have 5 CE Clock Hours scanned as a PDF file and ready to attach to the online application.
  3. Submit a $30 renewal fee via credit card at the end of the application. 
    *we will not receive any application unless payment has been made
  4. Allow up to 4 weeks for the completion of the renewal process and to receive your Engagement Certification. 
    *You will receive a high-quality printable certification by email. 

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